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The largest group of volcanic heavenly ponds in China has been discovered in Daxing鈥檃nling area of Inner Mongolia
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    Scientific research shows that the territory of Inner Mongolia, Daxing-anling Chaihe in Zhalantun, is the largest volcanic region of the heavenly pond group. This was announced by experts from CAS, The Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Geophysics, CUG (China University of Geosciences)and experts from the Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang Geological sector.

    Chaihe area is famous for its unique volcanic landscape and its well-protected original forest cover. In recent years it has been discovered that 15 volcanic vents, at an altitude of 7 km and a 13 km-long volcanic zone, constitute a unique landscape. Volcanic landscape Chaihe Quaternary in eastern China was formed after fierce geological tectonic movements. With a well-preserved and large-scale Danxia landform, rock valley, heavenly pond, water, forests, the formation of many mountains and rocks with a high scientific research value and tourism value, Chaihe can be considered a natural volcano museum.

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