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Development, never forget to impart and inherit---Heilongjiang Week at the World Expo in the eyes of a Canadian
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    鈥淚 see something which is alike in spirit from different nations and different ethnic groups and a kind of history which cannot be abandoned, although it is far away from us.鈥?After seeing artistry of the Oroqen and Hoche and folk objects display, Danqing, a 27-year-old Canadian, said fluently in Chinese.

    When Danqing was invited by his friends to come to the Shanghai World Expo, it just happened that Heilongjiang Week was being promoted. Heilongjiang excellent folk culture and traditional folk art were displayed with Chinese elements in the teaching and learning hall on the Baosteel Stage. Folk culture of Oroqen, a nation known for their expertise in horse riding, and Hoche, a nation known as the 鈥淔ish Skin tribe鈥?attract the young guy from North America. He was interested in 鈥淐uo Luo Zi鈥?where the Oroqen live and the fish skin clothes of Hoche. He also followed folk artists of Hoche to learn Shaman Dancing.

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