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A Close Look at the Shanghai Corporate Joint Pavilion
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    The Shanghai Corporate Joint Pavilion is an eco-building incorporating intelligent technology and a dream-like atmosphere. The architectural design concept originates from the Taoist theory of "a harmonious combination of heaven, earth and man", and "Zhuang Zhou's dream with butterfly", an ancient Chinese romantic story with philosophical undertones.

    The exterior of the Shanghai Corporate Joint Pavilion [ Zhenyu]

    One of the highlights of the pavilion is the Butterfly Professor. Actress and director Xu Jinglei stars as the butterfly professor in an eight-minute fantasy film shown on a 360-degree panoramic screen at the pavilion. She leads visitors on a dream-like journey in pursuit of a better city and a better future.

    A spectacular light and music show was staged on the opening day of the Corporate Pavilion on May 4, 2010. [ Zhenyu]

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