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Seven marvelous structures in previous World Expos(VII) -- Alamillo Bridge
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    Alamillo Bridge, Spain

    Without 1992 Expo, there would be no present Seville, the third metropolis in Spain and even no historical Alamillo Bridge, which is listed among the world's top 10 magnificent structures.

    So far, people still can view this white, remarkable bridge from the old urban area of Seville. It attracts the eyes of visitors and the compliments of architectures everyday.

    The 1992 Expo didn't only impulse the rapid development of Seville city directly, even drove renaissance of the whole Spanish economy. To decrease the gap of north-south differences on economy, the Spanish government chose the southern city Seville as the location of World Expo.

    At that time, Seville was just an almost forgotten island. This decision brought the opportunity to reform this ancient city, also could re-plan and re-construct the comprehensive infrastructure of Seville.

    To solve the connection problem between land and island, the local authorities determined to construct several bridges. Among those projects, Alamillo Bridge was treated as the most classic design.

    Construction of the bridge began in 1989 and was completed in 1992 from a design by Santiago Calatrava, an internationally recognized and award-winning Valencian Spanish architect.

    The bridge is of the cantilever spar cable-stayed bridge type and consists of a single pylon, counterbalancing a 200m span with thirteen lengths of cables.

    The original intent was to build two symmetrical bridges on either side of the island, but in the end, the Alamillo's singular design has proved most striking.

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