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    1 We saw a lot of commercial buildings in Chicago.

    A condemned B razed C business D vacant

    2 Salt has been a respected commodity for much of recorded time.

    A flavoring B preservative C remedy for illness D article of trade

    3 Pure feldspar is a colorless, transparent mineral, but impurities commonly make it opaque and colorful.

    A truly B rapidly C periodically D frequently

    4 In l925 Clarence Darrow competently opposed William Jennings Bryan at the renowned Scopes鈥?鈥淢onkey Trial鈥?

    A adeptly B maliciously C privately D rashly

    5 The Olympic Games attempt to transcend national interests and bring together the best international athletes in a spirit of friendly competition and peace.

    A debate B celebration C instruction D rivalry

    6 He is going to compile the data requested by the tax collector.

    A sprout B evade C redeem D gather

    7 After l850, various states in the United States began to pass compulsory school attendance Laws.

    A harsh B diversified C mandatory D complicated

    8 In statistics the most frequently used computations are the mean, the median, and the mode because all are indicators of central tendency.

    A graphs B variables C calculations D words

    9 The Empire State Building was conceived on a grander scale than previous skyscrapers.

    A executed B designed C financed D applauded

    10 Theodere Dreiser was one of the first American novelists to portray immoral characters without condemnation.

    A hostility B sadness C blame D pity

    11 Most religions are concerned with the worship of one or several deities as well as with ethical rules of conduct.

    A faith B speech C thought D behavior

    12 The Passamaquoddy and Penobscot people were confederates of the colonists in Maine at the time of the Revolutionary War.

    A guardians B teachers C allies D observers

    13 By the l880s鈥? living conditions in the congested Eastern Seaboard cities of the United States had become local scandals.

    A developing B diverse C crowded D wealthy

    14 The population of Seattle is a conglomerate of people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

    A a company B a fluctuation C an assortment D a matching

    15 Although dolphins, sometimes swim singly or in pairs, they usually congregate in large herds, often numbering in the hundreds.

    A procreate B eat C live D assemble

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