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Hainan to Build China's First Rainforest Park
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    Hainan is planning to build China's first tropical rainforest park. Located in the middle of the island, the park will cover an area of 10 natural reserves and 11 forest parks.

    Hainan officials hope the park will attract tourists from all around the world. It is part of a larger plan to integrate the island's cultural and ecological resources in order to better preserve the island's environment while also becoming a top tourist destination.

    Hainan Island is located at the north edge of the tropical zone and is considered a gene database of tropical species. It has 56 percent forest coverage, about 17 percent of which is natural rainforest.

    According to an official at Hainan Forest Bureau, the middle area of Hainan is home to the most complete and complicated natural ecological system in the province. It includes mountains, hot springs, waterfalls and pastures.

    Tourism based on Hainan's ethnic rainforest culture has been on the rise in recent years. Parks showcasing how the people used to live in the rainforest receive about 5,000 tourists a day.

    Hainan's peak travel season is in the winter, when the island's warm weather and tropical beaches serve as a great getaway for tourists. Hainan is currently trying to boost its travel during the rest of the year by increasing its rainforest attractions, which provide a cooler escape during warmer seasons.
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