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TV Drama 'Tong Ling Ren' Premieres on BTV
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    A new Chinese period TV drama series, Tong Ling Ren, or Peers, starring veteran actors Ren Chengwei and Xu Qing, is scheduled to premiere on Beijing Television (BTV) on February 23, 2010.

    The series tells stories of a group of people who were born at the founding of People's Republic of China, and how they go through ups and downs in their life alongside the growth of the country.

    The 40-something actress Xu Qing challenges herself to play a character over a large time period from her teens through to her senior years. Previously released posters and stills featuring the actress with an adorable short hair style and innocent smile appear to be proof of her ability in dealing with the physical demands of the role.

    This marks Xu Qing's first role in series after her successful big screen portrayal of Madame Soong Ching Ling in the 2009 blockbuster tribute film The Founding of a Republic.

    The prime time show also has former TV host Cheng Qian and rising actress Liang Linlin in its cast. As the first series to hit BTV in 2010, the project is expected to gain very good audience ratings.

    Shenzhen TV in the south will broadcast the drama starting the same day from 22:00 every night.

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