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  • Introduction
  • Shanghai is the only city in China with two civilian airports 鈥?Pudong International Airport and Hongqiao International Airport. You can fly direct from Shanghai to many of the major cities in the world. It is most important to check your ticket to be sure from which airport your flight departs.

  • Pudong International Airport (PVG)
  • Pudong airport is the new and the bigger airport in Shanghai. It's an international hub, but also handles many domestic flights.

    The airport has only one terminal building, but a second is under construction and further expansion has also been planned.

    Pudong International Airport apron.


    Pudong airport is about 30 kilometers southeast of the downtown 鈥?about an hour by car to People's Square.


    The distance from downtown is a disadvantage of the airport, but there are many options for ground transport.

    • Airport shuttle service

      The airport shuttle bus is the most economical. Eight lines link Pudong airport and Shanghai's major resorts or transport hub. Click here for detailed information.

    • Taxi

      Taxi is the most convenient but the most expensive way to get to and from the airport. A cab to People's Square will cost you about 120 yuan. If you have limited knowledge of Shanghai, taxi will be your first choice.

      Taxi fares, how to ride and more information about Shanghai's taxis are available in the Taxi section.

    A Maglev train wearing Chanel ads at the Pudong International Airport station.
    • Maglev

      No doubt the maglev train is the fastest way to get to the Pudong airport.

      Shanghai's maglev line, linking Longyang Road subway station and the Pudong airport, is the world's first operational maglev link. If you want to experience traveling at more than 400 kilometers an hour, give it a try. A round trip on the train takes less than 15 minutes.

      A one-way ticket costs 50 yuan. If you produce a flight ticket for that day, you will get a 10-yuan discount. But you can buy only one discounted train ticket with one flight ticket.

      The operation from Longyang Road Station starts at 7am and ends at 9pm at intervals of 15 minutes. The operation from Pudong lasts from 7:02am to 9:02pm at the same intervals.

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