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Kelly Chen Fronts Hong Kong Disneyland Park
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    Kelly Chen in the the Hong Kong Disneyland Park [File Photo: CRIonline/CFP]

    Pop singer Kelly Chen has invited a special guest star for the music video of her new single "Happy Express".

    In the video, the new ambassador of the Hong Kong Disneyland Park, donning a miniskirt, walks with 'Mickey Mouse' through the snow in the minus 20 centigrade temperature in northern China's Jilin Province.

    "It's not that cold as I have imagined, thanks to the sunshine," she said.

    The new mom of a 6 month old also turned her hand to fashion design and came up with festival outfits for the park's iconic cartoon figures, including Mickey and Minnie.

    The Hong Kong Disneyland Park signs different local celebrities as its ambassadors each year.
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