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    1) Be well prepared before the meeting. Get to know what the meeting objective is, who will attend the meeting, what the meeting's general outline is, what kind of problem needs to be solved in the meeting and what you need to do. Only when you have prepared all this information in advance, can you then have a clear mind and express your ideas clearly.


    EG. Cathy is the new staff member of a foreign company. Every time before the monthly departmental meeting, she usually reads the meeting agenda carefully and does research about discussing problems. Due to her efforts, she can offer constructive comments in the brainstorming session. Cathy soon passed the probation periodand was seen as a high potential employee.


    2) Outline the main points when delivering a speech in the meeting. You should first state your opinions and then give reasons. Make a list of what you want to say according to logic and use several words or a short sentence to summarize every single point. If you have enough time, use data or facts to demonstrate related items.


    Eg. As an event coordinator, in a meeting discussing new product’s news conference, Jason stated his points as following: “Firstly, we should focus on the new product’s uniqueness and price strength using the majority of time; Secondly, it is necessary to give a short review of last generation of products. It definitely will help to show the product’s improvement and upgrades based on the old one. In the last section, we should not only leave enough time for media to ask questions, but also give the attendees time to experience the new product.”


    3) Listen carefully to other's opinions and take records when you think it’s important, especially in discussions. Then based on what you heard, adjust your thinking and find an appropriate time to make a statement. Make sure your language is simple, well organized and logical.


    EG. As a Human Resources Supervisor, when attending the company’s new regulation consultation meeting, Ivy listened carefully to other ideas, took records and said: “I agree with Sam’s comments. One thing that I would like to add is about the rewards system. The new regulations should try to offer our staff substantive rewards and promotion opportunities. It definitely will stimulate their work abilities.”



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