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Picturesque scenery of Nanxi River
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    銆€銆€The Nanxi River, a State-level scenic spot, is 23 km from Wenzhou city. The river has 36 bends and 72 beaches, with a drainage area of 2,429 sq m. Running from north to south, the Nanxi River first flows into the Oujiang River and finally empties into the East China Sea.

    銆€銆€The main scenic spots of the Nanxi River area include the Baizhang Waterfall, the Furong Triangle Rock, the Waterfall of Tengxi Pool, the Twelve Peaks, and the Taogong Cave.The water of Nanxi River is clear and fish can be seen swimming peacefully in the water. Visitors can take a small boat and float with the water, watching the green trees and hills passing by in the daytime, and enjoying the balmy summer breeze, and tiny lights twinkling in the sky in the evening. []


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