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The first 鈥渘on-material cultural heritage鈥?experience museum opened in HLJ銆€
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    The first 鈥渘on-material cultural heritage鈥?experience museum opened in銆€Heilongjiang on October 17th.

    The experience museum which is located in Heilongjiang University is more than 700 square meters and has more than 2000 works of art. It shows Hezhe Zu鈥檚 fish skin works, the Oroqen鈥檚 roe deer skin manufacturing skills, birth bark manufacturing skills, Fangzheng paper-cutting and other state level intangible cultural heritage items. On display are Suiling, Boli and black potteries, Qingniu Calabash manufacturing skills and other intangible cultural heritage items. Shaman clothing, Shaman god idols, as well as Shaman national paintings are also on show.

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