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Chinese concert held at Vienna's Golden Hall
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    A splendid concert featuring Chinese folk songs and music dazzled audience in Vienna's Golden Hall on Sunday.

    In its first trip to the music city of Vienna, the Oriental Jasmine Girls Band from southwestern China's Sichuan Province, home to giant pandas, performed Chinese folk songs and music with traditional Chinese instruments such as the erhu, lute, dulcimer, and flute.

    The "Jasmine girls" performed in costumes with patterns of jasmine flowers and blue and white porcelain.

    At the concert, Ma Xuanzi, head of the band, sang "Jasmine Flower," one of the Chinese songs best-known to Western audiences, and other classic Chinese folk songs such as the Night of Grass Land.

    Austrian baritone Thomas Weinhappel then joined her to sing "All I Ask of You" from the musical "Phantom of the Opera."

    Established in 1999, the Oriental Jasmine Girls Band is composed mostly of young graduates and undergraduates from music colleges.

    The band has won a number of prestigious music awards both domestically and abroad with its unique performance style of combining traditional songs with modern musical elements.

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