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MV of Film "Detective Dee's" Theme Song Released
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    Chen Chusheng at the official music video release. [Photo: CRIENGLISH]

    CEO of Huayi Brothers Wang Zhonglei and CEO of Xunlei Zou Shenglong launch the official video of Huayi Brothers. [Photo: CRIENGLISH]

    "Dan Shu Tie Qi", the theme song of the action thriller "Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame", was globally released in Beijing on Sunday, September 12, and the music video of the film score made public at the same time.

    Singer Chen Chusheng, said it was hard to describe the film. "Audiences will be able to discover both an inference of rational thinking and abstract imagination," he said. "It's hard to describe. People had better go and see it for themselves."

    Chen also revealed that he had caught a cold while recording the theme song and was worried whether he could perform it well. After the director heard the recording, he asked Chen if he had sung it like that on purpose. Chen replied he had had a cold at the time but the director said he wanted just like it was, a bit hoarse.

    The film will be released on September 29.


    Click to watch the music video for "Dan Shu Tie Qi".

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