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Central gov't sets up special taskforce to probe China plane crash
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    He promised the team would work efficiently and in accordance with the law. "The results we publish must withstand the test of time and give a clear explanation to the victims, their families and society."

    A Brazilian-made ERJ-190 jet carrying 96 people crashed upon landing in Yichun Tuesday night, killing 42 of them. It is deadliest commercial plane crash in China since 2004.

    It was the third accident involving the ERJ-190 since 2007, according to sources with Embraer, the Brazilian manufacturer.

    An ERJ-190 owned by Aero Republica, a Columbian carrier, overshot the runway in Columbia's Santa Maria on July 17, 2007.

    On Sept. 3, a ERJ-190 caught fire upon landing at Lynden Pindling Airport in the Bahamas. The aircraft was owned by the United States carrier Jetblue.

    The two accidents caused no casualties.

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