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'Red travel' destinations in China
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    As the TV series Sister Jiang shown during prime time these days, the "Red Travel" which relates to history retrospect and revolutionary education catches the attention again. Chongqing, where the story took place, has many revolutionary remains and historic places worth a visit.



    銆€銆€Zhazi Cave

    Located at the foot of Gele Mountain in Ciqikou and Wulingguan, the suburban area of Chongqing, Zhazi Cave was a coalmine founded in 1920 by a businessman named Chen Erchang. Since 1938, it became a clandestine prison for Kuomintang to imprison and persecute revolutionaries.

    During the war, lots of heroic, solemn and stirring stories happened in the prison. Those stories were really very touching that they encouraged the patriotic sentiment among the Chinese. In 1943 Kuomintang founded an intelligence agency: Sino-American Co-operation office. Then the Bai Gongguan, another clandestine prison, became the office building of Sino-American Co-operation office. Revolutionaries were transferred from Bai Gongguan to Zhazi Cave prison. Among those revolutionaries are the likes of the Chinese famous hero Jiang Zujun, who was honored as Jiangjie. She was also sentenced to imprisonment in the Zhazi Cave.

    The day before the new Chinese government was founded in 1949, secret agents of Kuomintang set fire to Zhazi Cave prison; it was a pity that only 15 Revolutionaries survived from the fire. Zhazi Cave, as a political prison, was filled pain and death at that time, yet it was also a place where heroes were produced. It is a place that witnessed the Chinese people devoting their lives to their political belief.

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