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"80's Generation"
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    Three main characters of the film "80's Generation" [Photo:]

    Radio, cassettes, rubber band skipping, and video games; what do you think about when you hear these words? I think for most young Chinese people, they will definitely recall memories from their childhood and have some stories to tell of their own.

    These young people were mostly born in the 1980's and grew up with these things that hardly appear nowadays. These people were mostly the only child from their parents and thought to be sensitive and sentimental, independent and indifferent due to the many social transformations they have experienced. These people are identified the '80's Generation'.

    There is now a film called "80's Generation" which is now playing throughout the country. As everyone has a different way of remembering the past, I chose to watch this film to relive some of my old days, while seeing if anything from the story would resonate with my past.

    At the beginning, Shen Xingchen witnesses her mother running away with another guy while her father is killed by a car as he's chasing her. This scars her deeply while she tries her best to grow up. After this tragedy, she lives with her uncle and witnesses the break-up of his family. I think many people my age have been through the situation that parents quarrel and then divorce and then the children have to live with one of them. It's hard on the children because they cannot receive complete love from their parents while dealing with a broken home. What makes it worse is that it shapes who they become later in life.

    The other main character is Ming Yuan, who also comes from a broken home. His father was thrown in jail for smuggling and he has problems getting along with his mother. He thought it was his mother's selfishness that sent his father to jail where he eventually commits suicide.

    Ming Yuan and Shen Xingchen were two innocent friends from their childhood days and who have loved each other ever since. They went to the same high school but later went to different universities. During this time they lived through many big events including Hong Kong singer and actor Leslie Cheung's suicide, the SARS epidemic, and the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. They were separated several times and but were always able to reunite. Ming Yuan actually spends time in jail for possessing a shotgun. Shen Xingchen's brother also goes to jail for stealing money because he wanted to cure his mother's illness. But in the end, Xingchen loses her two beloved relatives, her brother and aunt.

    By the end, the curtain falls on these two 80's generation survivors as they hold each other in one another's arms. While sitting in a chair I began to replay the film in my mind. Some of the stories and scenes really took me back to my childhood and teenage years. And I could feel the complicated and controversial feelings deep inside their hearts because I am also one of them, a member of the 80's generation.

    However, I should admit that the stories from the film do not fully represent the entire 80's generation because the sad and painful experiences in the film can also happen to people of other ages. Although the story is touching, the film should reveal the typical characteristics of these young people if it's going to call itself "80's Generation."

    Anyway, the film arouses memories from the 80's generation, but it does not tell all of their stories.

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