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Fresh Fruits in the Picking
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    Varieties of fruits are ripening in the farms and gardens of Beijing's suburbs as midsummer approaches. And fruit picking has become a favorite pastime for Beijingners at weekends. Among the large numbers of resorts that offer such services, here are those we recommend---

    For cherry picking

    Yu Xiang Fruit-Picking and Sightseeing Park at the foot of Fragrant Hill
    The park has been created in association with a research institute under the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and thus employs the most advanced agricultural technologies. A number of its cherries are prize-winning species in the Beijing region.

    A festival featuring cherry-picking activities is underway at the park. A wide choice of cherries are on offer, including the famed Rainier Cherry which is the sweetest and juiciest and yellow in color. Other picks are the Red Lantern and Great Bigarrean varieties. Cherries of different genera are sectioned in separate areas so visitors can easily distinguish them.

    The entrance fee for the park is 100 yuan for each person, which allows 500g of cherries to be picked. Extra money will be charged for more cherries.
    Location:Han He Road,Haidian District,Beijng

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