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Diversity brings world together
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    Editor's note: The 2010 World Expo has turned Shanghai into an international carnival. Xinhua News Agency is inviting participants and visitors to share their "postcards" from China during the Expo. Contribution can be impressions of the Expo or of Shanghai or other parts of China, as well as stories, written reflections, travelogues, comments or any other observations relating to the 2010 Expo.

    The following is a contribution from Szentesi Ambrus Gabor, a Hungarian correspondent for the China Radio International, publishable by Xinhua subscribers.

    Postcard from the Expo: Diversity brings world together

    I had the luck to spend a whole week at the World Expo in Shanghai as a press correspondent for the China Radio International. In the seven days at the Expo Park, I saw a lot of pavilions, exhibitions and shows. I had intense impressions from both China and the world, nevertheless it feels like I still could stay for another month just to get an overall idea of every pavilion worth visiting.

    Which pavilion is the best? That is very hard to tell. In my view, the UK Pavilion is the best-designed, the China Pavilion is the most grandiose, the Saudi-Arabian with its magnificent IMAX-desert-magic is the most breath-taking, the Italian is the most stylish and the list could continue. If you step into the Morocco Pavilion, you can feel as if you have just entered the palace of the Sultan of the Arabian Nights, I was absolutely amazed by its great interior, but the pavilion of Nepal can also boast with magnificent structure and fantastically balanced ornamentation.

    It is very interesting to observe how different countries often choose similar ways to attract the attention and raise the interest of visitors. In my opinion, just few attempts are overwhelmingly successful, while most of them can reach only partial or limited results. It seems to be difficult for most countries to find the way to the Chinese soul, but many of them try quite hard to do so.

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