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Soak up the splendor of the white thunder
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    Soak up the splendor of the white thunder
    A view of Victoria Falls from high above a microlight is an experience that will stay with visitors for life. (Photo: China Daily)

     In China it is often said that you really have not seen the country properly unless you have climbed the Great Wall. In Africa they say no visit is complete without seeing the Victoria Falls.

    The falls lie on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe and can be viewed from both banks. However, the unstable political situation in Zimbabwe has put tourists off and pushed prices up, allowing its lesser-known neighbor, and in particular the town of Livingstone, the chance to revive its historical past.

    Back in the colonial days, Livingstone was the center for the exploitation of the area's natural resources with the world's tallest bridge, the world's longest railway line and a thriving town.

    In Zambia the falls have a far more descriptive name, Mosi-oa-Tunya (the smoke that thunders), which by the end of the rainy season is a pretty fair description. From the Royal Livingstone hotel on the Zambian bank you can take a small boat to Livingstone Island on the edge of the waterfall and experience the might of the gushing water by standing on the edge and looking down.

    The view is both breathtaking and very wet but not to be missed for the full Victoria Falls experience. A sight the explorer David Livingstone described as "unimaginable to anyone who had not left the shores of England".

    The island trip is best rounded up with a meal, served under a tarpaulin sheet to protect you from the constant spray.

    There are many ways to experience the Victoria Falls and you can easily spend two days taking in its splendor. Paths take you around the side of the falls to a variety of viewpoints, all of which are extremely wet, so come prepared for a soaking. The more adventurous can walk down to the Devil's Cataract at the bottom of the falls and gaze up. However, the spray makes viewing from land a selective process as only small sections can be seen from any one spot.

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