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Expo song released for 30-day countdown
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    "Right Here Waiting for You 2010" (Photo source:

     "Beijing Welcomes You" was a popular hit song during and after the Beijing Olympics. So, perhaps the song "Right Here Waiting for You 2010" will become a hit from the Shanghai World Expo? The song was created to promote the expo and was released at the 30-day countdown event.

    The image ambassadors of the Shanghai World Expo all appear in the music video. They include action star Jackie Chan, pianist Lang Lang, sports star Yao Ming, TV producer Yang Lan, film star Andy Lau, World champion Li Ning, film star Li Bingbing, and the image ambassador of Shanghai, Olympic champion Liu Xiang.

    Lyric writer Zhang Peng says he set the mood of "Right Here Waiting for You" as if he was going to invite some guests to his house, and the house is to be spruced up with a delicious feast prepared. 

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