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Huayi Bros. Maps out 2010 Movies, Releases Stills
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    China's largest private entertainment group, Huayi Brothers, plans to release at least eight movies this year, with more productions' release dates yet to be decided.

    The studio's 2010 lineup will start with the romantic comedy "Hot Summer Days," slated for release on February 11. Following is "The Informers," a gangster film co-produced by Huayi Brothers and Hong Kong's Emperor Entertainment Group and starring Nicolas Tse and Nicky Cheung.

    A Chinese version of the Disney Channel's "High School Musical" is expected to attract local teenagers at the beginning of the summer season.

    In the later half of the year, several blockbusters will hit Chinese cinemas.

    "Xi Feng Lie," literally "Tempest of Westerly Winds," is helmed by the "Message" director Gao Qunshu. It tells a story about modern Chinese cowboys, murders and detectives set in a desolate desert in China's west.

    Feng Xiaogang's much-hyped "Aftershocks" is based on the deadly earthquake that killed at least 240,000 people and flattened the city of Tangshan in Hebei Province on July 28, 1976. The film is scheduled to come out on the 34th anniversary of the quake and will also be released in an IMAX version.

    The director will also make a sequel to his box office record-breaking romantic comedy "If You Are the One," which will join in the year-end box office battle in December.

    Huayi Brothers' other productions of the year include "The New Shaolin Temple," the sequel to "The Message," "Detective Dee" and a cartoon movie called "Lao Fu Zi."

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