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The number and scale of Heilongjiang skiing parks ranks at the top in China
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    銆€銆€Information from the China Ski Industry Forum on December 11th is that according to the principal of Heilongjiang Provincial Sports Bureau, at present, Heilongjiang Province has built more than 70 ski parks. The number and scale ranks at the top in China.

    銆€銆€It is understood that Heilongjiang Province Yuquan ski park is China's earliest ski tourism center. It was opened thirty years ago and Yuquan was praised as "China's ski town". At present, China's largest ski area is Yabuli Ski Resort. It is the identity of winter tourism in Heilongjiang and has promoted economic development of winter tourism in Heilongjiang.

    銆€銆€The Ski industry in Heilongjiang Province has a good foundation and excellent conditions for developing. It has strong momentum, with more than 70 completed ski parks accounting for more than 60% of the total number. There are more than 200 types of snow roads, more than 190 ropeways, nearly 50000 snow tools, and more than 1,200 ski instructors at all levels.

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