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New terracotta warriors museum relics on display
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    An armor suit made of stone. 

    A tripod, which is also in the exhibition, was a kind of ware for decorum. It is about 200 kilograms and is considered to be the biggest from the Qin Dynasty (221 BC - 206 BC). It was unearthed in the pit of Acrobat Figures. A dozen pottery figurines have also been unearthed there, all displaying various funny expressions and manners. Why the tripod was buried in the Acrobat Figures pit is unknown, but Wang speculates that Emperor Qin Shihuang greatly depreciated the etiquette of the previous dynasty.

    Many workers who built the mausoleum worked both day and night, even to the point of death. The workers who were buried there are divided into three categories: artisan, prisoner and debtor. The first two groups can be recognized by their tools; the third includes those who were forced to work there since they were unable to pay the fines they owed.

    An armor suit made of stone was also unearthed. It is classified as a mortuary object rather than a costume for wearing. It is believed that there may be a whole warehouse of stone armor.

    The discovery of the terracotta warriors and horses at the Emperor Qin Shihuang Mausoleum shocked the world in 1974.

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