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Li Yuchun
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    Chinese singer Li Yuchun

    Li Yuchun Profile

    Name: Li Yuchun
    DOB: March 10, 1984
    Place of birth: Chengdu, Sichuan, China
    Height: 174cm
    Blood type: A
    Profession: Singer

    (Also credited as Li Yu Chun, Lee Yuchun, Lee Yu Chun, Chris Li, Chris Lee, Chun Chun)

    Li Yuchun Biography

    Li Yuchun is one of China鈥檚 most popular singer. She made instant fame after winning the American-Idol like singing contest, Super Girl in 2005.

    The phenomenol of her popularity has gained notice worldwide as she was featured in Times Magazine shortly after her triumph in Super Girl contest.

    Yuchun鈥檚 parents always wanted their daughter to become a doctor, but Yuchun made the decision that she wanted to become a singer when she was 18. Her persistent won the support of her parents and she enrolled into a music school in Sichuan.

    In 2005, Yuchun entered the Super Girl contest and qualified to represent Chengdu in the nationwide competition. Although not regarded as the best vocalist, Yuchun鈥檚 personality and charm won her the competition, which was based on nationwide voting.

    Li Yuchun released her first single, Sweetheart, I Love You, shortly after winning the Super Girl contest.

    Li Yuchun held her first solo concert on March 10, 2006 (on her 22nd birthday) in Chengdu. The interesting part was that she had not released an album (only a few singles) yet in her debut solo concert.

    Li Yuchun released her debut album, The Queen and the Dreams in September 2006.

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