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Harbin architecture designed by Ridanov V锛歓haolin Primary School (Japanese Taoshan Primary School)
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    The beautiful schoolhouse of Zhaolin Primary School is well-known and was designed by the Russian designer Ridanov. The purpose of the design was originally used for the school which was named Japanese Taoshan Primary School at that time. Opinions are widely divided on when the beautiful architecture was built.

    It is said that this building was built in 1922 and was the house for Duke Shhirkov and was extended by the Japanese in 1936. However, according to the related historical records, Shhirkov left Harbin in 1915, so he couldn鈥檛 have lived in the building in 1922.

    There are some comments in the biography of Ridanov: 鈥淚n 1915, Ridanov got a very special and precious 4-level gem medal authorized by the Japanese Emperor to honor his design for the Japanese Emigrants Primary School (Taoshan Primary School) as well as his other successful designs.鈥?The time referred to in the comments contradicted with that of the official. Japanese Emperor and cannot honor the designer in 1915, whose building was constructed in 1922.

    The background of the less than hundred-year-old building is mysterious. Anyhow, it is a classical style of Harbin鈥檚 old buildings.

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