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    An exhibition of Cultural Relics under Collection of the National Museum of China is currently underway at Liaoning Provincial Museum at Shenyang, northeast China's Liaoning Province.

    The exhibition, which is open to the public for free will last until August 31, and presents a total of 78 pieces of national treasure-level cultural relics dated back from the paleolithic period to the Tang Dynasty (618-907). Top-notch cultural relics account for 72 percent of the total exhibits.

    Three of the Top five most precious collections of the National Museum of China are for the fist time coming to Liaoning , including Square Zun carved with four sheep heads銆丅ronze Pot shaped of dragon and tiger, and Ji Zibai Plate of the Guo State.

    The exhibition also gathers other valuable relics from China, such as the Cirrus-shaped Jade Dragon at Hongshan Culture Area, Basin painted with the design of human face and fish, Jade Burial Suit of the Western Han Dynasty, Sanxingdui Bronze Mask and the world famous terracotta warriors excavated from the Qinshihuang Mausoleum.

    Square Zun Carved with Four Sheep Heads


    Square Zun Carved with Four Sheep Heads was unearthed at Ning Village,Hunan Province in the year of 1938. Zun means wine vassal in ancient China and was also used in sacrificial ceremonies.

    This Zun was considered one of the best bronze items in China and boasts the title of 鈥渂ronze nonesuch鈥?

    Shang Dynasty

    Overall Height: 58.3cm

    Weight: 34kg

    The body of the zun is square and straight in design, with eight strips of arris. Each of the four corners of the zun belly is carved with a protruding bust of a curly-horn sheep, which adds to the diversity of the image of the article. The shoulders of the sheep are decorated with the pattern of great birds, while the lower parts are carved in relief with ringed feet. Though only the upper part of each goat is carved, it presents to be a complete whole.

    Dragon and Tiger Zun


    The Dragon and Tiger Zun, a wine vessel of the Shang dynasty, was unearthed in Funan county, Anhui province in 1957.

    It is 50.5cm in height, 45cm in mouth diameter, and 20kg in weight. The mouth part is austerely decorated with three string patterns. The focal areas of decoration are the shoulder section and the under-part. At the shoulder section, there are three embossed flying dragons that project beyond the body. The under-part below the dragon heads is divided by ridges into three decorative parts.

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