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Harbin architecture designed by Ridanov IV: He Hua Art School
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    There is a milky yellow building which was called He Hua Art School in the southeast of Hongbo Square, central Harbin.

    The host of this house was a Jewish person by the name of Meiluoviky, the building used to be called Meiluoviky Mansion.

    There are many rumors about Meiluoviky. It is said that before Meiluoviky arrived in Harbin, he had a love affair with a Russian noble widow, 鈥渂orrowed鈥?a lot of money from this widow, headed for Harbin and built this mansion to earn money from the rent. After the Russian October Revolution, this widow came to Harbin to find him. However, Meiluoviky said he never borrowed money from her and also said that he never knew her. Due to no formal contract, the penniless widow became inconsolable. Thanks to the help of kind-hearted people, she didn鈥檛 end up on the streets.

    On the third floor of this mansion, He Hua (Water Lily) Art School opened around 1925. The teachers were Russian intellectuals who escaped to Harbin after the October Revolution, so it was the cradle of artists at that time and nurtured a large number of art talents. Now it has been handed over to Harbin Children鈥檚 Palace.

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