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Harbin architecture designed by Ridanov III锛欻eilongjiang Provincial Foreign Affairs Office
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    Heilongjiang Provincial Foreign Affairs Office lies in No.298 Guogeli Street of Harbin. It is a light yellow and white foreign-style building.

    This building was built in 1920 and was designed by Ridanov, a famous Russian designer. Since 1921, it became the official residence of Japan's former consul general in Harbin. The style of the building is mainly classicism, mixing eclecticism and Renaissance. Corinthian folding column porches and parapet combine with the dome of a French style, forming a delicate integral whole and full of European style.

    From 1907 to 1945, nearly 20 countries and areas established consulates and representative offices in Harbin. As a professional Consul General's residence, there is only one reserved now. Japanese collected information on politics, economy, culture and military of Northeast China as well as Fareast Russia. The purpose includes planning Zhang Jinghui and other traitors to go over to the enemies publicly.

    In 1945, soldiers in the Soviet Union sent troops to Northeast China and occupied this building. It became the political department bureau of the Soviet Red Army garrison headquarters at that time.

    In March 1947, it became a music school and was known as the Soviet senior music school. From here, many works of occident musicians landed in China.

    These days, this building is the Heilongjiang Provincial Foreign Affairs Office.

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