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Resident People:Daqing has a population of 2,546,000 distributed in the four sub-counties and the five sub-administrative districts. Of the total, the urban area accounts for 5,107 SQKM with a population of 1,100,000.

General Information:Daqing is situated in the west of Hei Longjiang Province or, rather, the central part of the Songnen Plain.Daqing is a new rising industrial city very vital to China and well-known in the world for petroleum and petrochemistry. The city is gifted with rich natural resources.

Geography:Daqing is situated on the Songnen Plain in the western part of Heilongjiang. The gorgeous Songhua and Nen Rivers respectively run through the south and the west of the city.

Climate:Locating in the north temperate zone, belonging to the continental monsoon climate, affected by the cold air mass from the inland of Mongolia and the monsoon resulted from the warm air mass of the ocean.Generally speaking, the winter is cold with frequent snowfalls, and in spring and autumn, monsoon is prevailing. A shorter frost free period , and plenty of rainfall comes in step with the heat, all of which are good for crops and herbage. The yearly average temperature is 5.6 degree centigrade with a summer average of 22, and 2658.1 hours of sunshine, 229 days free of frost in average. The daily difference in temperature can come up to11 to 14 degree centigrade during the growth period of crops.Thanks to its rich natural and financial resources and advanced science and technology, Daqing has fascinated a large number of inventors. Insiders from the tourism industry predict that Daqing has a bright future, and the international economic and trade circles regard Daqing as an ideal partner due to its high reputation, strong capacity and down-to-earth attitude.

Nature:840000 hectare in area, of which 200000 hectare in the urban. 12 kinds of wild herbage, among which are mainly world famous for sheep and goats.A natural area of fresh water of over 320000 hectare teems with more than 100 kinds of fish like the silver carp ,the yellow croaker, the whitefish, etc. moreover, the vast water surface is the natural home for reed, which can come out at a total output of over 250000 tons every year.

Daqing Economy:The economy and trade with foreign countries has been formed a multi-development structure in Daqing.It has been established an every close cooperative relationship with the more 40 countries and regions in the world. Daqing has made friends and sister city with Calgary (Canada), Qiuming (Russia), Charters Towers (Australia), East London (South Africa) and Lugansike (Ukraine). The exporting raw oil is annually more than 10 million tons in Daqing. The petrochemical products from petroleum made in Daqing are very welcome in the international market. Total 160 kind products with more than 200 brands, such as paraffin, ethylene, tar, and so on, have been sold in more than 10 countries and regions, including Unite Sates, England, Thailand and Hong Gong. The agricultural products, textiles, clothing, handicraft articles and health products have also been sold in the international market. The linen, grass and pumpkinseed had been exported to Russia, Japan, Korea and Middle East region. Daqing is also a huge capacity market, annual investment of plant asset is more than 20 billion yuan, the materials worth over 10 billion yuan need to be purchased from outside of Daqing. Daqing had set up some service departments and organizations, like Inspection Bureau for the Import Commodity, Administrative Bureau for Foreign Exchange, Daqing Branch of China Bank and Daqing Customs, to provide the professional service regarding to the foreign trades, and it has been formed a complete foreign economy and trade service system in Daqing. There are lot of various trading ways and very wide cooperating channels, and many factories, invested by the foreign businessmen, have been established in Daqing. Up to 2002, total 342 enterprises, include solely foreign-invested enterprise and joint venture or cooperation enterprise, have been established by the foreign investors who are from USA, Japan, Hong Kong and Tai Wan, and the total investing capital is up to $UAD846 million. Natural Resources Daqing is rich in oil and natural gas and fine grassland and water are, the output value of which accounts for more than 80 per cent of the GNP of the city. Oil and natural gas The area for oil exploitation available for Daqing covers the whole province of Heilongjiang and one league of Inner Mongolia, totally 720000 SQKM. Within this area, according to calculation, at least 10 to 15 billion tons of oil together with 85.8 to 429 billion cubic meters of natural gas are deposited. In the main, the economy keeps growing fast in spite of the continual reduction of oil output over the last several years. In 2002, the total sum of economy value accounted for a quarter of the whole of the province, with the GDP of RMB 10.307 billion, a rise of 8 per cent compared with 2001. The local financial income was RMB 3.88 billion, 8.7 per cent more than 2001, and the per capita income RMB 9841.2 in the urban.Six enterprises, either large or medium in size, seat within Daqing. They are Daqing Petro Administrative Office, Daqing Oil Field Company ltd., Daqing Petrofication Factory, Daqing Oil Refinery Factory Linyuan Branch and Daqing Refinery and Petrofication Company, all of which contributed to the steady development of the oil industry. Most worth mentioning is the Daqing Oil Field, which is the largest in China, as well as one of the few sandstone superpowers all over the world. It runs 138 km from north to south, and spreads 73km east to west, within the area about 4103.37 square km boasts of oil. During the past 43 years, it's totally produced over 1.7 billion tons of crude oil, taxing more than RMB 410 billion, earning foreign exchange of over $500 billion. By now, it is a miracle that the output of crude oil has been more than 50 million tons annually for 27 years. As one of the national bases of the petroleum and chemical industry, Daqing now hosts more than 190 such enterprises, possesses the largest set for producing polypropylene amid annually of 50000 tons, and national special project of 480000 tons of ethylene. Now a system of scientific research, production, designand construction of works has been set up, which functions in oil refinery, plastic making, and chemical fibre producing, chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, etc. These can be classified into over 160 different kinds belonging to more than 10 categories. The local industry is developing fast especially in the special district of modern science and tech, In 2002, the net value of the industry added up to RMB 248 billion, 6 billion more than that of 2001. The developing district of high tech in Daqing is the only one nationwide that completely takes advantage of oil and oil related chemical industry. Since 1992, it has dedicated to oil and agricultural products, electronic information, new material for architecture, medicine, as well as environment protection. In 2002,the gross value of industrial output of this district reached RMB 10.68 billion, 31.8 more than the last year, bringing about an added value of RMB2.46 billion of the industrial output, with a rise of 36.6 per cent over last year, which accounts for 41 per cent of that of the whole city. The rise of such superpowers as Huake, Sanwei, and Changyuan, which has adopted the modern system, has greatly flourished the local economy. Among these enterprises, the Black Bird company has successfully landed on the market of HongKong , with Sanwei and Riyue fully equipped to follow the step. It is encouraging that Daqing High Tech District has been one of those specially supported by the Department of Science and Tech. Another achievement is the so-far successful adjustment of industrial structure, together with the great change in agriculture and economy in the rural area. In 2002, the gross value of agriculture increased RMB3.01 billion, 27.3 per cent over last year. The area for green food planting accounts for 28.7 per cent of the whole, making profits 33.5 per cent of that created by plantation. The leading company like Jinluo and Yili have burgeoned so that the industrialization of agriculture will be reinforced. Cattle breeding produced 45.2 per cent of the total value made by agriculture, thus becoming the most potential industry in Daqing . As for the service sector, an ever-increasing in amount and an obvious improving in quality has opened up a new prospect, It came out to an increment of RMB 11.33 billion in 2002, 12.7 per cent over the total output value of 2001, leading to an increase of 1.2 percentage point of the GDP.

Daqing Tourism:After being regarded as advanced in the Construction of a Civilized City Nationwide and the Model City of Cleanness, Daqing, in 2000, once again was titled the Excellent City for Tourism. in the following year, as the first inland city, she become the 15th Model city of Environment Protection of the country. Daqing is surrounded by clusters of greens and lines of trees with brightly shining lakes scattered.The city's tourism industry promises great potential for growth, and various tourist facilities have taken an initial shape, At present, more than 10 scenic areas have been developed such as popularizing the knowledge of petroleum, waterfowl hunting, spa recuperation, appreciating wild cranes, tasting Mongolian customs and visiting scenic grasslands.

Daqing Culture:A quite completed education system of 15 colleges and polytechnics, 17 mechanical institutions, 11 vocational schools as well s over 1200 primary and middle schools has come into being. Among, Daqing Petroleum Institution and the University of Land Reclamation and Cultivation are the outstanding ones. In the urban, a compulsory education of general level has been established. With regard to the number of the students enrolled in universities and colleges, Daqing ranks the first of the province.

Daqing Attractive points:The Petroleum Culture including Scientific and Technological Museum Of Petroleum, an acknowledged international scenic spot; the Memorial Hall of the Ironman, Wang Jinxi; the 3rd oil well of Songji, which led to the discovery of the Daqing oil field. Natural scenery such as hot springs in Lindian, Zhalong Nature Preservation Zone and scene of the damp area, in which you can hunt on the water surface and see the rare water bird, the red crowned crane. You can also join in the horse race galloping across the vast grasslands. Historical sites including those dating back to the New Stone Age, and the ancient castles built by the people of Liao and Jin race, and the tomb of General Shoushan.To the west of Daqing, the Annular Lake International Waterfowl Hunting Ground with lush grass and reeds is occupied by more than 200 species of waterfowl and birds including swans, gray cranes, ducks, gulls and wild geese. With a nice environment and a large number of waterfowl and birds, Daqing is an ideal place for touring sightseeing and hunting.

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