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*Flying to rendezvous with Tiangong-1
*For Chinese orbiter, the chase is on
*China launches Shenzhou 8 to test space docking
*Shenzhou-8 launch successful, heading for docking
*Shenzhou VIII off to rendezvous in space
*Successful launch key step closer to first space docking
*Cambodia PM congratulates China for successfully launching unmanned spacecraft Shenzhou-8
*Successful launch key step closer to first space docking
*Launch of Tiangong-1 a breakthrough for China: expert
*Step by step, China realizing space dream
*Space docking highly risky mission: spokeswoman
*Launch of first space lab module important step for China's human spaceflight: U.S. experts
*Peaceful use of outer space common aspiration of people around world: Chinese space official
*China plans to launch third unmanned moon probe around 2013
*China's 1st astronaut says future space station a "villa"
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