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New tourism regulation prohibits unauthorized disclosure of personal information
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    A new regulation on tourism disputes that took effect Monday protects Chinese tourists' personal information from unauthorized disclosure by travel agencies, the "Beijing Morning Post" reports.

    The regulation, issued by China's Supreme People's Court, clarifies for the first time that travel agencies must assume responsibility for disclosing tourists' information without their permission.

    It also clarifies tourists' rights to resist agencies' unfair rules and prohibits forced shopping trips, transfers of clients between agencies without permission, and differentiated charges or rates based on travelers' ages or professions.

    The regulation also safeguards travel agencies' interests and rights by defining the boundaries of their obligations. For instance, travel agencies will not be responsible for tourists' losses resulting from situations beyond human control such as public transportation delays, although they may need to refund some money if the delays cause trip changes or cancellations.

    Professor Han Yuling, a tourism law expert at Beijing International Studies University, said the new regulation guaranteed tourists' well-being while also restraining any unreasonable behavior in safeguarding their rights. It will reduce tourism disputes to a great extent, Han said.

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