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Cecilia Cheung Is Back at Work on Three Films
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    Cecilia Cheung is filming Raymond Wong's Lunar New Year flick "All's Well, Ends Well" with local star Chapman To in Hong Kong. [Photo:]

    Hong Kong singer-actress Cecilia Cheung has started filming her comeback movie with local star Chapman To on Monday, October 25, 2010 in Hong Kong, according to local media reports.

    Previous reports said Cheung had signed up to make three films to resume her acting career. The three movies, which are Jingle Ma's "Dynamic Angel", Raymond Wong's Lunar New Year flick "All's Well, Ends Well" and a war story with Jackie Chan as the art supervisor, will reportedly bring Cheung more than 30 million Hong Kong dollars (US$3.87 million) in income.

    Cheung's plans have dismissed previous reports that her career would be affected by her involvement in a nude photo scandal in early 2008.

    The mother of two boys left the limelight after she married her celebrity husband Nicholas Tse and gave birth to their first son, Lucas, soon afterwards. After Cheung's second son, Quintus, was born in May, the 30-year-old star launched her comeback plan a month later when she attended the Shanghai International Film Festival and a promotional event for Stephen Chow's cartoon film "CJ7".

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