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Highland barley-brewed beer from Tibet sold to U.S.
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    Beer brewed from highland barley grown in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region has received a warm welcome in the United States since its debut in the north American market last year, sources from the Tibetan brewer and the U.S. importer said Wednesday.

    Lhasa Beer, which entered the U.S. market in August 2009, is sold at more than 1,000 stores in eight states, said James Casilio from the American importer, Dzambuling Imports LLC, based in San Francisco.

    Casilio said his company would place more orders as sales kept soaring over the past months.

    He said a total of 720,000 bottles had been sold so far.

    Casilio is in Lhasa to make arrangements for the next shipment, totaling 288,000 bottles, which is due to leave China later this week.

    The beer, in 350 ml bottles, is a lager made from 30 percent highland barley grown on the Qinghai-Tibet plateau and 70 percent malt from Australian wheat, said Norbu Tsering, deputy general manager of Lhasa Beer Co., Ltd..

    Adapted to American tastes, Lhasa Beer sold to the United States has a higher alcohol content than that sold in China.

    The acceptance of Lhasa Beer by the U.S. market meant the Tibetan company's products had met U.S. requirements in quality and production, said an official with the regional commerce bureau.

    "It has a far-reaching significance for Tibet's economic development," he said.

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