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Amazing unmentioned scenic spots for Golden Week
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    Tired of postcards of Guilin, Yunnan and other famous places in China? Many other spots in the country go unmentioned but are actually beauties to be visited.

     Xiapu, Fujian (Photo: Global Times)

    Xiapu, Fujian

    Located in Ningde, Fujian, Xiapu has a stretch to the East China Sea coast, with many harbors and islands. It is well known for its mudflat aquaculture and attracts visitors and photographers for its unique coastal scenery.
    Due to the suitable temperature, the Xiapu mudflats are rich in oyster, yellow croakers, kelp and laver. As the sun rises and sets, the tide rises and falls, the fishing boats, bamboo poles and fish nets form spectacular sceneries.


    1. Take a long-distance bus in Fuzhou South/North Station to Xiapu county and take a taxi to Beiqi.

    2. Start from Songbai Long-distance Bus Station and arrive in Xiapu county, take a taxi to Beiqi.

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