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HK to Build First Toy Story Theme Park in Asia
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    A girl poses with Rex the dinosaur in the Toy Story Playland in Paris. [Photo:]


    鐜╁叿鎬诲姩鍛樹富棰樺叕鍥? src=


    A giant model of astronaut Buzz Lightyear stands at the entrance to welcome guests in Paris Toy Story Playland. [Photo:]

    The Hong Kong Disneyland will follow the lead of the Paris Disneyland by completing the first Toy Story Amusement Park in Asia before the end of 2011, reported.

    During the past summer, children all over the world shared in the fantasy toy land of Disney-Pixar's Toy Story 3. On August 17, a mini theme park featuring Toy Story was unveiled at the Paris Disneyland, with a real scene imitating the movie to please European fans.

    Inside the Paris Toy Story Playland, tourists are able to explore toy owner Andy's toy-fantasy world. A giant model of astronaut Buzz Lightyear stands at the entrance to welcome guests. Woody and his pals are revived from the film, this time in larger-than-life sizes around the park, so both adults and kids feel like mini toys.

    A series of exciting games highlight the theme park. The largest amusement facility, a U-shaped shuttle coaster, is much like Andy's toy remote car, in which tourists are thrown back and forth on a huge track similar to the pirates' ship but with more intensity.

    Having earned more than 900 million US dollars so far, Toy Story 3 has become the best-selling cartoon movie ever.

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