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Embrace Fantastic Xinjiang during its Best Season
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    銆€銆€Tianchi: Picturesque lake

    Reasons for recommendation

    Urumqi, capital of northwest China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, is the first stop for most visitors to Xingjiang. Once you arrive there, you can inhale the pleasant smell, wafting through the air.

    Tianchi is the best choice for visitors who want a strong taste of the essence of Xinjiang. The like sits atop Tianshan Mountain, and its picturesque scenery and original ethic culture attract a continuous stream of visitors year-round. Tourists can get there via bus or cable car or walk from the scenic spot's entrance. But we recommend walking. The many hills, tracts of grassland and scores of valleys and springs along the road will make visitors forget the passage of time. Warm clothes are necessary as the temperature varies greatly between the foot and peak of the mountain. There are many ancient temples on the peak of Tianshan Mountain.

    In addition, the Nanshan Meadow is also worth visiting. It offers visitors an opportunity to ride horses across the plateau meadow for 20 yuan per hour.




    Delicacies: Xingjiang cuisine consists mainly of noodles, nang (a kind of crusty pancake), beef and mutton. Most dishes are sour and hot. The point that merits visitors' particular attention is that the predominantly Muslim ethic minority groups in Xinjiang do not eat pork.

    Equipage: Besides warm clothes and sneakers, medicine for upset stomachs and flu-like symptoms is also necessary.

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