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    Geography:The city of Yichun is in the hinterland of the Lesser Hinggan Mountains in Heilongjiang Province in northeastern China.

    Climate:Yichun has a sub-frigid continental monsoon climate.

    Nature:A good ecological environment has provided shelter for over 600 wild plants, many of them of medicinal and therefore economic value. These include ginseng, wild rose, fungus, mushrooms, hedgehog hydnum, and hazel. More than 300 species of wildlife make their home in the Lesser Hinggan Mountains.

    Yichun Economy:Yichun is rich in local produce, including edible fungus, medical herbs, and wild vegetables and fruit. In recent years, Yichun has developed forest-themed holiday, skiing, rafting, adventure and car rally tours.

    History:Half a century ago it was a stretch of primeval forest. Today it is a city hidden in forest.

    Yichun Tourism:In recent years, the city of Yichun has made good use of its forest and ecological resources to develop forest tours. In addition to policy support, it has strengthened its investment in infrastructure and established modern communication and commercial service networks. In 2001 Yichun was selected by the National Tourism Administration as one of "China's Excellent Tourist Cities".

    Yichun Attractive points:Soothing StreamsWhen the ice and snow start to thaw in early spring, quiet woods are enlivened by the sound of running streams and chirping birds. The Lesser Hinggan Mountains within the boundary of Yichun have numerous gullies and gorges, with 676 rivers, large and small, providing a wide range of choices for rafting. The 80-kilometer-long Dafeng River in Jinshantun is known as Rafting No. 1 of the Lesser Hinggan Mountains. Floating downstream in a life vest and a rubber dinghy, one can experience both the gentle and violent aspects of the river, from whose banks may be viewed the lush and magnificent Hinggan peaks.Lesser Hinggan MountainsThe Lesser Hinggan Mountains have not only tree forests, but also a stone forest at their summit, in Tangwanghe District of northeastern Yichun.The stone forest is composed of six large granite rocks, two standing to the south and four to the north. They arise abruptly from the ground and tower to the sky. Standing together, each with a unique shape, they are a spectacular sight.Rock climbers will find these strange-shaped rocks especially interesting, and may enjoy the challenge they provide to temper body and soul. The world of snowIn the Stone Forest Area a holiday resort has been built and several sites of interest have been developed, including a Korean pine park, a botanical garden, a wild animal park and a flower corridor. There is also the opportunity to go rafting, mountaineering and bungee jumping here.Dafeng RiverThe source of the Dafeng River begins in the Lesser Hinggan Mountains. The river flows 80 kilometers long; and its current is slow and swift in different sections. The river is an ideal place for tourists to drift on rubber rafts. Drifting downstream, they can stop and relax at one of the restaurants on the banks of the river, where they can enjoy local delicacies such as stewed fish and fish roasted on stone slabs.

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