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'Red travel' destinations in China
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    銆€銆€Shajiabang Town

    Located only 15 kilometers to the downtown of Changshu in Jiangsu Province, and beside the beautiful Yangchehu Lake, Shajiabang town is rated as the token of the land of rice and fish in the south, with genial climate, rich soil, sweet water and abundant agricultural products.

    Shajiabang is famous for the kinding of reed marshes in china. The Army and the people, just like the water and the fish, composed the brilliant prose of union against the Japanese troops in the verdant screen of reed marshes. The performance of Beijing opera Shajiabang made the place widely known.

    In addition, a training camp has been set up in the Shajiabang scenic area, where students can go for outbound training after being inspired by the stories of brave local heroes told in the museum.

    Travel tips: Shajiabang one-day tour offered by many travel agencies includes the tour of reed marshes maze, Hongshi folk culture village and Hengjing Laojie Jiangnan Shuixiang Photo Base. The quoted price is about 130 yuan.

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