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Collectors give stamp of approval
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    Collectors give stamp of approval
    An Expo visitor examines stamps at a store in the Lithuania Pavilion.

    Collectors give stamp of approval
    Stamps and coins are exhibited in San Marino Pavilion.

    Exotic stamps and coins are becoming popular among collectors at the Expo, Tang Zhihao reports.

    The Expo 2010 Shanghai has proved to be a great event for people to trade and sell collectable items, like stamps.

    In the Expo Garden, visitors can find thousands of different stamps issued by Expo participants. Expo organizers have even brought some unique items, such as shell-made stamps. Foreign participants have joined in the stamp craze to promote their cultures and to commemorate their participation in the Expo.

    San Marino is appreciated worldwide by collectors for its stamp and coin production. To showcase its achievements in stamp production, the country has issued three editions for the Expo, including two stamps and one coin, with the stamps being sold for 120 yuan each.

    "San Marino is one of the most important countries in the world for stamps and coins. Our stamps and coins are very well appreciated by collectors and passionate people in the philatelic sector," said Davide Righi, the San Marino Pavilion's senior supervisor.

    Though the prices are much higher than what is distributed by other Expo participants, sales have been strong, with more than 5,000 stamps sold so far.

    Adjacent to the San Marino Pavilion, the Liechtenstein Pavilion also brought something unique to visitors. One of the pavilion's highlights is a reproduction of Johann Jakob Schmidt's painting Atmospheric View of Vaduz, which was created by using 50,000 stamps.

    "All the stamp designs ever issued by Liechtenstein are represented in this painting and each one is used about 25 times," said Marion Malin, director of the Liechtenstein Pavilion. "One reason to include this exhibit in the pavilion is that Liechtenstein is very famous for its stamps, which are highly appreciated for their careful designs and perfect print quality."

    Liechtenstein also brought a set of two stamps especially designed to celebrate its participation in the Expo.

    One stamp is Schmidt's painting of Vaduz, Liechtenstein's capital, and the other is a painting by Chinese artist Xu Gu titled Watching the Flood at Qiantang River.

    "The idea to choose works by a Chinese and a European painter refers to the pavilion's theme 'Dialogue and Respect'," said Malin.

    Liechtenstein intends to show how people can recognize their similarities and common goals across all cultural borders if they take the time to enter a respectful dialogue with each other.

    As one of most mysterious countries in the world, the North Korea Pavilion has attracted many visitors. The country has brought 50,000 Expo-themed stamps to the pavilion, which have sold well at the small store inside the pavilion. The price of a set of stamps is less than 300 yuan.

    "It is rare to have North Korea participate in such a large event, so it is worthwhile to have a set of stamps to commemorate it," said Teng Qinghong, a visitor from Beijing, who bought a set for her father.

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