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Chinese Film "Kill Paul Octopus" Set for August Release
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    The Chinese comic suspense film "Kill Paul Octopus," about the well-known German psychic octopus known for his precognitive abilities will open in China in August, reports.

    The film was shot simultaneously with the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. The cast has returned to Beijing to shoot the domestic scenes.

    The film was originally named as "Ran Qing Shi Jie Bei" (The Legend of World Cup), but director Xiao Jiang changed the name when an octopus in Germany named Paul predicted the results of several football matches.

    "We planned several topics to shoot about, like black horses, prediction results, gambling, misjudges, terrorism and football hooligans. And we chose to shoot the prediction results when the amazing prophet Paul appeared," said Xiao Jiang.

    Xiao Jiang said they have sent invitations to the aquarium in Germany inviting Paul to attend the film premiere in China. The octopus appearing in this film is an 'actor' who looks similar to Paul.

    The film stars two famous Chinese football commentators Huang Jianxiang and Li Chengpeng. Huang is a former CCTV-5 (sports channel) football commentator. He still works in the football commentating field, but has since gone on to become a film celebrity.

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