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    鑰冭瘯鏃堕棿锛?20鍒嗛挓 鑰冭瘯鎬诲垎锛?00鍒?/strong>



    1 In l840 Lucretia Most and Elizabeth Stanton were excluded from. The World's Anti-slavery Convention merely because they were women.

    A consulted by B elected to C kept out of D applauded by

    2 The measures taken by the administration failed to reduce unemployment.

    A helped to B did not

    C were not intended to D were necessary to

    3 Mary said that she was fed up.

    A disgusted B satisfied C ravenous D full

    4 The mayor refused to give in to the demand of the group.

    A reply to B yield to C acknowledge D publicize

    5 Mr. Jackson wants to give out this news as soon as possible.

    A furnish B announce C emit D abandon

    6 Some forms of arthritis may develop when the body's ability to fight disease goes awry.

    A takes over B comes up

    C is interrupted D becomes faulty

    7 The man in a rage was dead last night.

    A narrative B laudable C outraged D patentable

    8 Sand is found in abundance on the seashore and is often blown inland td form sand hills and dunes.

    A at random B at high tide

    C in dry mounds D in great quantities

    9 Some varieties of shorthorns, the most common breed of beef cattle, are in fact hornless.

    A credibly B actually C reportedly D potentially

    10 Due to his carelessness, he was left out of an opportunity.

    A included in B excluded from

    C superior to D exhausted by

    11 The leaders of modern architecture have characteristically been vigorous and articulate thinkers in whose minds architectural theory is linked to ideas of social reform.

    A defined by B related to C applied to D reinforced by

    12 If a foreign object becomes lodged in the eye, medical help is necessary.

    A deposited in B invisible to C blurred to D isolated in

    13 James Was oblivious to the noise around him.

    A nervous about B furious about

    C irritated by D Unaware of

    14 In the early days of baseball, the game was played by young men of means and social position.

    A with skill B with equipment銆?/span>

    C with money D with ambition

    15 Summer weather of ninety degrees or more has been reported off and on in Fort Yokon, Alaska.

    A back and forth B as of late

    C now and then D on the spot

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