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Cell Phone Replicas Fool Shoplifters
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    Real and display model cell phones next to each other on the counter of a shopping mall in southwest China's Chongqing municipality on February 23, 2010. [Photo:]

    Cell phone display models are being stolen nearly every day in the shopping malls of southwest China's Chongqing municipality during the spring festival, local media CQNews reports on Tuesday.

    Each display model, which looks exactly the same as a real phone, is worth about 50 yuan. A great number of them have been stolen since the Spring Festival, said a salesperson surnamed Wang.

    These replicas are provided by the manufacturers to give customers an idea of the size, weight and keyboard quality of the cell phones. Thanks to advances in production technology, they look and feel almost exactly like the real thing.

    Wang says they are being stolen so frequently that the shops are running out of display models before they run out of stock.

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