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Scenic Spots to Visit for Year of the Tiger
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    We've entered the traditional Geng Yin Lunar New Year launched by the 2010 Spring Festival and referred to as "Year of the Tiger in China," prompting enthusiasts to visit scenic spots named after the Tiger. So which ones are most famous and where are they? (The following places have the word "Hu" in the word, meaning "Tiger" in Chinese).

    Hutiao Gorge [Photo:]

    Hutiao Gorge

    Hutiao Gorge is located on the upper reaches of the Jinsha River, to the northeast of Lijiang, in southwest China's Yunnan Province. The narrowest stretch in the river is only about 30 meters across and carries the legend that a tiger could easily jump across the river. The river is about 29 km long, reaching 3,790 meters in depth between Jade Dragon and Haba Snow Mountains, creating one of the most spectacularly deep gorges in the world.

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