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"Flirting Scholar II" Unveils Romantic Scene in the Rain
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    A glimpse of scholar Tong Bak Fu and Chau Heung in "Flirting Scholar II." [Photo: sina]

    Shooting on the all-star costume action comedy "Flirting Scholar II" is underway at the Hengdian film base in Zhejiang Province.

    The latest released on-set photos show a very intimate moment shared in the rain between two protagonists. In the film, scholar Tong Bak Fu, played by actor Huang Xiaoming, teaches Zhang Jingchu's Chau Heung how to write.

    Hong Kong director Lee Lik Chi's new work is reportedly a prequel to the classic 1990s comedy "Flirting Scholar" led by legendary comic Stephen Chow Sing-Chi.

    Huang Xiaoming was selected by the director for his versatile performing skills and great potential as demonstrated in the 2009 spy thriller "The Message."

    "Flirting Scholar" tells the story of a scholar in search of true love who disguises himself as a houseboy and indentures himself to a rich family in order to pursue the ravishing servant girl who has stolen his heart.

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