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Yao to Have a Baby Girl ?
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    A newspaper article by China's famous talk show hostess Yang Lan has let slip that the new baby of basketball star Yao Ming will be a girl.

    The wedding photo of NBA star center Yao Ming and his wife Ye Li. [File photo:Xinhua]

    Yang, a columnist for "China Daily," said in her story on Thursday that the NBA all-star player had told her about his excitement on hearing his "daughter's" heartbeat on the monitor.

    "Thirty years ago journalists predicted the day when the son of two local basketball stars would become the bright hope of Shanghai basketball," Yang wrote. "Today, the media is pinning the same hopes on the daughter of Yao and his wife."

    The gender of Yao Ming's baby has been a hot topic among Chinese fans since Yao's wife Ye Li was reported to be pregnant last month.

    Miao Lijie, a close friend of Ye from the national women's basketball team, disclosed that the couple was expecting their first child on a live TV show on January 4.

    Yao and Ye both played on national teams. They got married in 2007.

    Yao, a center on the NBA's Houston Rockets, is 2.26 meters tall, and his wife 1.9 meters tall.

    It is said the couple had wanted a boy, fearing that a girl might be too tall among her peers.

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