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China Women's Ice Hockey Team Hopes to Capture Vancouver
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    China's national women's ice hokey team is now in Canada on its final sprint towards the coming Vancouver Winter Olympics.

    The Chinese women's ice hokey team, which held the Asian championship in the past, underwent changes with only three Olympic veterans remaining and the rest of the athletes are 17-years-old on the average. During their practice the women played against men's teams in order to be at their best form.

    The team's Finish coach Hannu saintula prolonged his contract to lead his girls fight for medals in the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games.

    Sound Bites - (Hannusaintula, Head coach of China National Women's Ice Hockey Speaking English - "They are eager to learn, they respect the coaches and work hard鈥 am happy to stay with them and want them to achieve a new record. That is the reason why I extended my coaching term.")

    Sound Bites - (Liu Zhixin, team member China National Women's Ice Hockey Team): "He has been strict with us during the trainings but very kind out of the rink. He is really considerate and just like a father who cares much about us. "

    Although the young women were not able to reach the top and lost many games in warm up matches, they turned out to be very aggressive. The coaching staff believes that their skills and teamwork is getting better, and they together are looking for much better results in Vancouver, Canada.

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