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Harbin Yuquan Hunting Ground
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    鈥淗igh Xing鈥檃nling, big forest. There lived a brave Oroqen, one horse, one gun, too many roe deer, endlessly hunting wild deer in the hills鈥?(song lyrics) Don鈥檛 you want to be amongst this?

    Harbin Yuquan Hunting Ground

    Yuquan International Hunting Ground is the largest enclosed hunting ground in Asia. It lies in Zhangguangling, 55 kilometers southeast of Harbin, with an area of 3000 hectares. There are 17 mountains around Yuquan while the highest is 517 meters above sea level. The forest cover on the ground is 80%. There are more than 60 kinds of trees, around 40 kinds of birds and thousands of wapitis and sikas. Yuquan hunting ground is full of thick northern folk culture and the Octagon is the representative European style building here. Spring water in the mountains is flowing through out the four seasons. There are a variety of wild animals like flying dragons, pheasants, Mongolian gazelles, capreolus, wapitis, sikas and wild rabbits that live in the thick secondary woodlands of the mountains.

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