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    China's foreign direct investment or the FDI rose for the fourth consecutive month in November, up 31.97 percent year on year to 7.02 billion U.S. dollars, said Yao Jian, spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce, on Wednesday.

    Yao said November's growth partly resulted from the low figures last year, which had brought down the comparison base. The country's FDI in November 2008 slumped 36 percent year on year.

    The government approved the establishment of 20,600 overseas-funded enterprises in the first 11 months this year, down17.44 percent from the same period last year.

    [Soundbite, Yao Jian, spokesman, Ministry of Commerce] The FDI actually used nationwide in the first 11 months stood at 77.89 billion U.S. dollars, down 9.86 percent from the same period of 2008, but was 2.8 percentage points lower than that in the first 10 months.

    Investment from the United States and the European Union both dropped 38 percent in November from a year earlier, but that from ASEAN nations surged almost 60 percent year on year.

    Yao also said the FDI in China's manufacturing sector rebounded in the first 11 months and accounted for 53 percent of total FDI actually used, showing it was a strong draw for medium and long-term foreign investment.

    2锛氬杞﹀畨瑁匞PS 淇濋殰璺繍瀹夊叏鏄庡勾榛戦緳姹熺渷灏嗗姞寮篏PS鍔ㄦ€佽椹惰褰曚华鐨勬帹骞夸娇鐢紝2010骞?鏈堝簳鍓嶏紝鍏ㄧ渷灏嗗畬鎴愰櫎涔℃潙瀹㈣繍杞﹁締澶栦笁绫讳互涓婂杩愮嚎璺惀杩愬杞︺€佹梾娓歌溅鍜屽嵄闄╁搧杩愯緭杞﹁締鐨凣PS瀹夎锛屾槑骞村簳瀹屾垚鍏ㄧ渷涓€涓囦簲鍗冭締鎵€鏈夐暱閫斿杞︾殑GPS瀹夎锛屽苟閫愭鎺ㄥ箍鍒版墍鏈夐噸鍨嬭揣杞︺€傚鎸夋湡瀹夎GPS鐨勮溅杈嗭紝鏈夊叧閮ㄩ棬灏嗙粰浜堜竴瀹氳ˉ璐达紝鏈寜瑙勫畾瀹夎鐨勮溅杈嗗皢涓嶅噯缁х画钀ヨ繍銆侶EILONGJIANG TO INSTALL GPS ONTO PASSENGER BUSES

    Heilongjiang Province will step up efforts for the installation of GPS devices onto vehicles next year, a move that aims at better ensuring the road transportation safety. GPS devices could better record and monitor running vehicles. By the end of March, 2010, all of the passenger buses, tourism buses and vehicles transporting dangerous articles will be ordered to install GPS devices.

    In addition, the 15,000 long distance coaches in Heilongjiang Province will finish the installation of GPS by the end of next year. Later, GPS installation will begin to cover heavy duty trucks.

    Relevant governmental departments will offer subsidies to the GPS installation. The above mentioned vehicles without GPS devices will not be allowed to continue their business.



    The National Stadium of China, better known as Bird's Nest, is gearing up for the upcoming Snow Festival that will begin on December 19th.

    At the end of November, Bird's Nest unveiled its ambitious plans to spend 50 million Yuan on a spectacular Snow Festival.

    Recently cold current swept most parts of North China, and thanks to the declining outdoor temperature, Bird's Nest has already begun to make snow with 10 advanced snow-making machines.

    By December 16th, 90% of the pitch of Bird's Nest have been enveloped by artificial snow, with the thickest part reaching 2 meters. According to the snow festival plan, the average thickness of snow will reach 0.5 meter that could meet ski funs' demands.

    Besides snow making, sponsors of the Bird's Nest Snow Festival has already removed the spectators' seats in the southernmost part of the stadium and turned it into the main entrance gates for skiers.

    Before the kick-off of the snow festival, 14 ski slopes will be constructed within the Bird's Nest and 500 pairs of skis will be prepared for rental.

    From December 19th, visitors will be able to enjoy skiing and snowboarding on its newly constructed slopes in the stadium. The stadium expects to attract more than 20,000 visitors a day during the two-month festival, which will include countdown events for both the Western and Chinese New Years.



    The 10th Heilongjiang Snow Sculpture Competition kicked off on Harbin's Sun Island on the northern bank of the Songhua River last Wednesday, as part of this year's Sun Island Snow Sculpture Expo.

    This year's competition sets Imagining Heilongjiang as its theme. 25 participating teams will show their talents and imaginations on a 2-meter-long and 2-meter-tall snow cubes within 4 days on the Sun Island.

    The 10th Heilongjiang Snow Sculpture Competition help beef up the preparation work for the upcoming 22nd Snow Sculpture Expo, which will open to the visitor on December 23rd.

    50% of the creation of the main sculpture "Singing for a Flourishing Age" has been done and running horses and frame of the Temple of Heaven have begun to show their initial shapes.

    Sculptors say that a super sized 120-meter-long and 22-meter-high main sculpture requires a lot of skills and experience.



    With a week to go before the official opening of the 11th Harbin Ice and Snow World, the park has launched a selection of ticket packages with different prices on different time.

    After the trial operation on December 24th, visitors enter the park before 1:30 pm would enjoy a discounted price of 90Yuan; after that time, the ticket price will get back to the normal 200 Yuan. From Monday to Thursday, Harbin citizens with the second generation ID card would enjoy the 90Yuan ticket.

    From Monday to Thursday, a family of three would enjoy a 200 ticket package for all. And students, teenagers, soldiers and senior citizens between 60 to 70 years old would also enjoy the 90Yuan ticket.

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