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The Seven Star Peak is the highest mountain in the Wanda Range
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        The Seven Star Peak, which is part of the Wanda Range, is located on the Jixian country of the Shuangya mountain city, China. Its total area is 65.13 square kilometers. It鈥檚 named after seven different patterns of peaks due to the sky which looks like a Big Bear constellation. Its average elevation is 420 meters, and the highest peak, Seven Star Peak鈥檚 elevation is 852.7 meters.
        The seven mountains stand in the range all alone, they are named Seven Star, Seven Girl, Sharp Sword, Gold Head, hand of Buddha, Camel and Tiger Head Peak respectively. There is a name for every mountain. The shape of every mountain is similar to its name, and there are many beautiful legends about the mountain. The Seven Star Mountain is the main mountain of the Wanda range, it is precipitous, and the final summit slopes can reach 75 degrees.
         The Seven Star Peak has high mountains, thick forest and enough riverhead. It is the fountain of the Small Bahuli River. The percentage of forest cover can reach 83.6%. It is nature鈥檚 green repository with so many kinds of precious, epiphyte, potherb and rare animals and plants.
    It is also the forest where the world's endangered species Northeast Tiger lives.
    There are also 20 species of mammals; a large number of wild birds and fish. It is wildlife鈥檚 natural habitat.
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